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Karan Polymers Pvt Ltd Karan Polymers Pvt Ltd Karan Polymers Pvt Ltd Karan Polymers Pvt Ltd
Karan Polymers Pvt Ltd Karan Polymers Pvt Ltd
Karan Polymers Pvt Ltd Karan Polymers Pvt Ltd
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Submersible Column Pipes

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Specially designed square threaded of KaranTM Pipes can bear maximum load in a bore well environment. These pipes can be assembled and dismantled very easily and quickly.

EPDM Rubber Rings
EPDM ‘O’ Rings are used for lead proof joints. These rings also act as jerk absorbers when the pump is switched on or off.

One side of the pipe and coupler is permanently solvent welded which ensures high locking strength and thereby prevents some common difficulties such as loosened couplers, pipe slippage into the bore hole etc.

Testing Methods
Testing is done for related standards as per IS: 12818, ASTM-D 1785, IS:5382 and joint testing for tenacity and yield force is also conducted. Our pipes are tested on advanced high precision universal testing machines.

Cast Iron (CI) / Mild steel (MS) / Stainless steel (SS) Adopters:

The approved and KaranTMcertified high quality Adopters that are used on Borewell systems will not corrode and are durable and perfect for KaranTM Column pipes.

Submersible Column Pipes
Submersible Column Pipes
Submersible Column Pipes

KaranTM Column pipe load carrying capacity in normal conditions. (In KGS.)
32 mm
40 mm
50 mm
65 mm
80 mm
100 mm
125 mm
Medium Duty 770 1250 1340 1600 2050 2800 4150
Standard Duty 1325 1540 1720 2260 2750 4100 5760 9100
Heavy Duty 1520 1960 2050 2900 4300 5800 9600 14000
Bell - Ended type for V4 Pumps 710 1050 1225 - - - - -

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